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Looking for a First Class Training on Digital Learnings?

Inymart institute of digital learnings is a leading Digital Training institute in India. We are known for our practical approach towards trainings that enable students to gain real-time exposure on competitive technologies. Trainings are offered by employees from MNCs to give a real corporate exposure.

Master of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the constantly evolving field all around the world.Continues to grow rapidly, and the marketers are trying to expose themselves in this digital age.

  • High demand for marketing professionals
  • Great scope for digital marketing professionals
  • Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and much more
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Google Keyword Planner

Master of Web Design & Development

We bring you the best from the world of ever changing web design & development. This course is a designed specially not just to make you aware about the new technology of HTML5.

  • To do the layouts, forms, offline support
  • Geo location, Audio and Video, graphics, APIs
  • Structure Of a Web Page
  • Getting Started With Html5
  • Vision And Future Of Html5
  • Web Sockets

Master of Graphic Designing

The Advanced Certification Course in Graphic Design & Prepress is one of the finest Graphic Designing Courses available around and deals with the utilization of graphic design.

  • Design in product branding and advertising
  • Typography, Color Sense
  • Visualizer
  • Making of print for commercial and editorial
  • Offset, Digital, Silkscreen, and Rotogravure
  • Design Project Manager

Master of Visual Effects

Visual Effects Diploma offered by TGC is among the best courses offered in Composting and High end VFx. Visual effects are created digitally and modified for TVs or Video Games.

  • Motto is to keep the viewer glued
  • Advt. Agencies and Animation Studio
  • Edit soundtracks, videos and background
  • Concepts of maintaining standard and quality
  • Job assured with leading Post production houses
  • Career as Digital Animator and Painter

Advanced Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a Graphics image editing program that is used ubiquitously in the world of Design, Film making, Photography and Print.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Photo Corrections and Manipulations
  • Typography, matte painting, digital painting
  • 3D Images & Animation
  • Preparing files for Web
  • Image Editing and Enhancement techniques

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